Group GED® Testing allows your organization to offer the GED® Tests to a number of candidates at the same time at a convenient location. Social services agencies, employers and labour groups often use TVO ILC's Group GED® Testing services. Group testing is usually for a minimum of 20 candidates. Sessions with less than 20 candidates are possible, at additional cost.

How to arrange a Group Paper-Based GED® test

Complete the Request for an Off-site Testing form Request for a group testing (PDF). Send to the GED Coordinator at, at least eight weeks prior to the requested dates.

What to expect on test day

  • The testing room must be available to the examiners at least one hour prior to the start of the testing session.
  • A contact person must be available to meet and direct the examiners at the testing site on the date of the testing session.
  • Candidates must bring photo identification to the testing session. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • Examiners and proctors are instructed to refuse all candidates who do not have photo identification. (Photocopies will not be accepted.)

Additional Costs

  • Travelling costs, accommodations, and meals for the examiner and proctor are the responsibility of the organization hosting the Group Paper-Based testing session.
  • The rates for meals and travelling costs are established by TVO GED®.
  • Proctors and examiners will be travelling from the nearest GED® Testing site.
  • If you wish to hold a group testing session with fewer than 20 candidates, you will be responsible for the cost of one examiner and one proctor (the minimum supervision required for a GED® testing session).
  • If your group exceeds 40 candidates, an extra proctor (for a total of one examiner and two proctors) will be needed to supervise the test, which will mean additional costs for the host organization.
  • The appropriate level of supervision will be determined by the GED® Chief Examiner once your testing dates have been confirmed.