GED® testing is for adults who left high school without a diploma. The GED® was established in 1942 and is recognized throughout Canada and the United States.

Ontario's High School Equivalency Certificate

TVO ILC is Ontario’s sole provider of the GED® test. The GED® test allows people who have not finished secondary school the opportunity to earn an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate signed by the Minister of Education.

The test used in Ontario has been designed especially for use by Canadians and is available in English and French.

GED® testing

GED® testing takes seven hours and five minutes, and is run over a two-day period, usually a Friday evening and all day Saturday.  

The GED® Testing Program compares your performance on the tests to the results of Grade 12 students on the same tests. The tests are designed to assess the skills and knowledge people are expected to retain from high school, especially the abilities to reason, put together information, and draw conclusions.

You must obtain a standard score of at least 450 on each of the five GED® tests to earn your Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.

The GED® certificate will show others that you have the potential of a high school graduate and the educational skills to succeed in areas of further training and/or study. However, specific knowledge that a recent high school graduate might have acquired (such as mathematical and chemical formulas or the work of specific authors) is not tested. There is no credit value associated with the GED® tests.